All-Inclusive Support for Hybrid Backup in CloudBerry Backup 5.7

Back in May we introduced CloudBerry Backup 5.6 with support for Hybrid Backup — a feature that enables you to swiftly and conveniently perform simultaneous backup to local and cloud storage. However, Hybrid Backup was then only limited to basic file backup. In release 5.7 we take things further and expand the support for Hybrid Leer másAll-Inclusive Support for Hybrid Backup in CloudBerry Backup 5.7[…]

Fast NTFS scan in CloudBerry Backup 5.7

CloudBerry Backup always aims to accelerate the backup process. One of the things that call for enhancement is file scanning, especially so for the owners of HDDs. In the latest version of CloudBerry Backup — release 5.7 — we’re introducing Fast NTFS Scan; this feature will considerably expedite the backup process for users with millions Leer másFast NTFS scan in CloudBerry Backup 5.7[…]

Introducing CloudBerry Backup 5.7

Just three months after the last major update, we’re bringing you the next iteration of our flagship backup product — CloudBerry Backup. Release 5.7 brings a number of critical and highly-expected features that further expand the app’s functionality regarding interaction with VMware vSphere hypervisor, Hybrid Backup capabilities and support for Azure Archival tier, among others. Leer másIntroducing CloudBerry Backup 5.7[…]

HIPAA Compliant Backup Solution – Nubephant Backup

It is of utmost importance to observe the laws aimed at the protection of patient medical data as regulated by the United States Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). Data backup and protection of this data is mandatory. In this article, we are going to discuss HIPAA principles — the basic law that regulates Leer másHIPAA Compliant Backup Solution – Nubephant Backup[…]

How to: Restore Database Backup in SQL Server

Backing up your Microsoft SQL Server database is unquestionably essential for keeping your data intact and accessible. Adhering to best practices implies having at least two backups; one onsite and one offsite. That’s where Nubepant Backup comes in — providing a comprehensive solution that can effortlessly back up Microsoft SQL Server databases to the cloud Leer másHow to: Restore Database Backup in SQL Server[…]

Disaster Recovery in the Cloud

A disaster could hardly be planned, but disaster recovery planning is a must. The core of successful disaster recovery is, of course, backup. Nowadays, cloud storage providers are widely used for storing backups. However, the biggest cloud storage providers have created various services to perform recovery in the cloud. Today we will discuss the need Leer másDisaster Recovery in the Cloud[…]

Block Level Backup and Full Backup Explained

Block level backup – is a type of backup that allows you to backup only modified parts of the files instead of running a full backup every time the file is changed. Block-level backup takes less bandwidth for regular backups and reduces the backup time. Today we will discuss the main difference between full and block level Leer másBlock Level Backup and Full Backup Explained[…]